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Meet the Playwrights

9th Annual Ariane One-Act Play Festival 2019


Patrick J. Lennon (Cup of Coffee with the Baby Dukes) originally wrote this as a memoir, recalling his college freshman year experience as a seminarian in Pittsburgh during the 1960's.  When he's not writing, he's creating signature dishes in the kitchen, like this one - "Tortelloni a la Patrice".

Pat Lennon


Carol Mark (At the Water’s Edge) has an affinity for both the mythical and real, wild and wonderful creatures of the sea.  She grew up on the west coast of Florida and, in a nod to her roots, she keeps a Hibiscus blooming in her Connecticut home all winter.

Carol Mark


(Dearth of a Salesman) When I was first courting my wife, Robin Anne Joseph, I felt like I needed to write a play for her that would sweep her off her feet. So what better vehicle than a play about a broom salesman.

Albi Gorn


Rich Knipe (Howard's Hybrids) This is a story about 4 senior citizens whose love for each other is almost matched with their love of the game of golf.


I always wanted to merge my love for senior citizens with my passion for the game of golf.

Rich Knipe


Nick DeSimone (Animals) I walk a lot.  I write a lot.  One day I was walking in London and came up with an idea to write a play where all the characters are social misfits and where one of them sleeps with their significant other's psychiatrist.  I like to think the final result is reminiscent of Paddy Chayefsky on acid. I also eat a lot.

Nick DeSimone

Evelyn Mertens .jpg

The idea for Grace came to Evelyn Mertens while musing on the way people love to play games and are eager to take a bet – she started to think how easy it would be to cross a line and how that could have disastrous consequences.

Evelyn Mertens

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